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The wrong kind of Islam

Timbuktu has a special place in the hearts of many travellers and historians alike. Evocative of deserts, massive adobe walls, and Tuareg camel trains the name is instilled into our psyche from childhood – “Head to Timbuktu, travel, see the … Continue reading

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To inform, educate and entertain

This year’s Reith Lectures – Excellent, informative and interesting insight into possibilities for the economic performance and prospects of the world. You can also view transcripts of last year’s Lectures by Aung San Suu Kyi and Eliza Manningham-Buller on Liberty … Continue reading

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Welfare reforms

Our Prime Minister David Cameron today complained in an interview about the cost of Housing Benefit for under twenty-fives. This is a subject I feel very strongly about, and I feel myself quite qualified to talk on this issue due … Continue reading

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“An August child knows nothing but stress” – A prespective from an August child.

Institute for Fiscal Studies data shows that August-born children in the UK do less well at school, may do less well at university (or are generally less likely to get there), and that this follows through their lives. I was … Continue reading

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Coca and Cocaine in Peru

President Ollanta Humala of Peru has declared today that his government is to temporarily suspend its coca-eradication program after reportedly reaching only 2/5 of its eradication quota for 2011. Coca is grown in Peru and is used traditionally as a … Continue reading

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Moving on out – Castro’s changing Cuba

President Raul Castro is an interesting man. Some may say enlightened. During the last decades Communist states the world over have been experiencing a collective identity crisis. China has the “Great Capitalist Experiment”, meaning that they have become one of … Continue reading

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More on death . . .

Queenie was 59 years old. Born in 1952, she lived an active and fulfilling life as an entertainer, waterskiier, and sometime musician. This week the group of people caring for her in her retirement decided, after assessing her deteriorating quality … Continue reading

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Mongolia – Inner and Outer

Inner Mongolia (a large province of China) is currently under near martial law, as the Chinese government tries to quash protests by ethnic Mongol inhabitants. Last week thousands of students were arrested, and the internet has been cut off in … Continue reading

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How would you treat your dead?

On Friday, Mary Harper reported for the BBC that the Rwandan authorities are forcibly exhuming the remains of those who died in the 1994 genocide. The families of those dead are angry – insulted at the seeming disrespect of this … Continue reading

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