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The wrong kind of Islam

Timbuktu has a special place in the hearts of many travellers and historians alike. Evocative of deserts, massive adobe walls, and Tuareg camel trains the name is instilled into our psyche from childhood – “Head to Timbuktu, travel, see the … Continue reading

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Rock Art and Land Mines

The BBC World Service today published an article and interview with Sada Mire, Somali archaeologist now based in London. Affiliated to the School of Oriental and African Studies and University College London, the 35 year old is also director of … Continue reading

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How would you treat your dead?

On Friday, Mary Harper reported for the BBC that the Rwandan authorities are forcibly exhuming the remains of those who died in the 1994 genocide. The families of those dead are angry – insulted at the seeming disrespect of this … Continue reading

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